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House Bolting and Foundation Repair Norwalk

California is considered to be “earthquake country” and people who live here should be aware of the up-and-down and side-to-side motion of an earthquake that can shake your unbolted house off its foundation. Feel free to contact Contractors Norwalk for all types of house bolting and seismic retrofitting services. Proper planning and experience is needed for installation and placement of foundation bolts. So, before choosing the type of bolts, the existing condition of the house and its foundation should be monitored.

Contractors Norwalk provides:
- Foundation Replacement
- Foundation Repair
- House Lifting
 - Sloping and Sagging Floors
- House Leveling
- Repairing of Cracked Walls
- Repairing of Leaning Chimney
- Home Drainage Systems

If your house needs foundation repair or replacement, Contractors Norwalk is here to help you. Contact us now and we will dispatch our team of highly trained contractors to your location and begin the house bolting project. We firmly believe in providing quality and affordable services to our customers. Our general contractors serve both residential and commercial properties.

Call Us Now: (562) 262-5442